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I want to study the modern powwow. 나는 현대, powwow에 대해 공부하고 싶습니다. I’ve never been to a powwow. 나는 powwow 행사에 한번도 가 본 적이 없습니다. What is powwow? Powwow가 뭔가요?
Nearly six percent of Americans are millionaires. They each have at least one million dollars in savings.
Do you know who Craig Wright is? Have you ever heard of Satoshi Nakamoto? Well, if you are a Twitter user, you probably saw both of those names trending on Monday. But who are they?
In many parts of the United States, temperatures are falling. This change of season, from summer to autumn, gives Americans many things to watch.
Many quick-service restaurants, including McDonald's and Burger King and Denny's, serve salads - prepackaged, delivered by a server, or available from a salad bar. And uncounted millions of the croutons that top those salads come from a single factory in Chicago.
Is that supposed to surprise us? Of course people hate Monday. It's the first day back at work after a weekend of relaxation or fun, time to oneself, maybe a little extra sleep.
Has there ever been one issue that has caused trouble between you and another person? You know, a troublesome issue in your relationship, one that does not seem to go away?
I don’t think I can make it to the soccer game tomorrow. Again? You’ve already missed three games though. If you don’t tell Coach Johnson today, you could be skating on thin ice with him and he might cut you from the team.
Switzerland has opened the world's longest suspension footbridge. It is 494 meters long.
When we print something, a flat page comes to mind. For example, you might use a photocopier. Photocopiers print in two dimensions. Now, imagine how this would work for three dimensions.
Some machines can take something written in one language and give users the same or similar wording in another language.
Some vegetarians do not eat any meat products or any food made from animal labor, including milk products, eggs and honey. This kind of diet is called a vegan diet.
South Korean writer Han Kang’s book, "The Vegetarian," came out in her home country many years ago. But the book was published in English only recently.
In the States, we often see this sign on drug stores and doctor’s offices. It also appears on bottles of pills and other medicines.
Carole Carson admits she had abused her body for more than 40 years by eating too much, dieting every now and then, and not exercising on a regular basis.
Hey, a few of my friends are planning a trip to Hawaii next summer. Do you want to join us? I’d love to but I can’t. I’m broke.
Hey. Can you give me a hand with this? I can’t seem to tie these ribbons together.
Today we focus more on history than usage. We are going to answer an age-old question that may have been keeping you awake at night. Well, perhaps not.
James: Oh, I used to have a D.C. Driver’s license and I loved it because they let me smile in the picture!
I’m just here to do a little research before purchasing an iPad. 아이패드 구입하기 전에 이것 저것 좀 알아보려고요.