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현장에서 들켰다
I’m just wondering, have you ever cheated in school? Yes, just once in high school. But I got caught red-handed by my teacher so I stopped doing it after that.

A stick in the mud is a boring or uninteresting person. They do not try anything new. They are not willing to take a risk.

가장 오래된 소나무
The bristlecone pine is the longest-living thing on Earth. These trees, with their strangely shaped, wind-beaten limbs, can live up to 5,000 years.

비디오 아티스트 백남준
Nam June Paik is widely considered one of the first video artists. Today, video art is a rich and popular field in modern art. But in the nineteen sixties, the use of television and television images to make art was very new and revolutionary.

어떻게 해서든지
"By hook or by crook” is a very old expression that is still used today. It means to try to reach a goal by any method or any means possible.

녹고 있는 북극 빙하
Arctic sea ice is melting faster than expected, and that means big changes in Earth’s climate system.

도시 괴담
An urban legend is a story that many people believe to be true. Some of these stories may have had some truth to them at one time. But they usually change over time and many are not true anymore.

효과적인 영어 연습
English learners can improve their ability to use different words by practicing. One way to practice effectively is through repetition -- doing something over and over again.

경기에 못 나가게 되었어
Hey can you play for our volleyball team this week? Oue best player is out of the picture with a leg injury.

마음챙김 훈련
A small experiment shows that mindfulness training exercises may help people who drink large amounts of alcohol.

바오밥 나무
Baobab trees are not only iconic images of dry, hot areas of Africa. Baobabs are important because they supply water and food for people and animals.

소름이 돋다
That movie was way too scary. I was getting goose bumps from the start. It was scary! I had goose bumps the entire time too!

김칫국부터 마시지 마
What are you doing? I’m preparing our winning celebration dance for a sure victory over Jeff’s team.

그 정도 되는 것 같아요
Wow, there is a big crowd here. Almost everyone in this town must be here today. I love cherry blossoms. This place has a great cherry blossom festival every year in the spring.

Hurricanes are the most powerful storms in the Earth’s atmosphere. The storms have different names depending on where they take place.

Take의 쓰임
Sometimes we talk about a very simple term -- like the word “take.” But "take" is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary calls it one of the “elemental words of the English language.”

못하겠다고 말씀드렸어
Hey, I heard that you’re the first one in the class to present your project. I know. I’m dreading it. I tried talking my way out of this by speaking to the professor but it didn’t work. He said I have to present first no matter what.

습관은 바꾸기 어렵다
Today we talk about change. The world changes. Situations change. But what about people?

위구르 음식
Uyghurs are an ethnic group in Central Asia. About 10 million of them live in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, a huge area in the northwestern part of the country.

종이 만들기
The earliest process of making paper was done almost five thousand years ago in Egypt and the Nile Valley. In those days, paper was made from strips of the papyrus plant.