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후각 기술
Would you buy a car that released calming smells into the air when you are stuck in heavy traffic? Would you buy a robot that smells like a human being?

Wow look at this line up! This restaurant must be really good! Yes this place is known for their delicious breakfast menus and they get a lot of regulars like me. Plus they’ve been around for 40 years.

바보들을 위한 책
“Dummy” is a slang word for a stupid person. The Dummies books are not really for stupid people. They are designed to show people how to do something they may never have tried before.

몹시 수줍음이 많은 사람
The name Violet is found in an English expression. A shrinking violet describes someone who is very shy.

식물로 휴대폰 충전하기
Three university students in Santiago, Chile, have come up with a "green" way to produce power. They developed a device that uses soil to charge mobile phone batteries.

설치하는 것을 돕다
So, how do parents get involved? Do you see parents coming over during orientation week to help get their child settled in?

의사가 뭐라 그래요?
What did the doctor say? He said I need to bring my cholesterol level down.

이 닦기와 심장
Cleaning your teeth often, every day, is linked to a lower risk for heart problems.

모유 은행
Money, jewels and important documents may not be the only valuables placed in banks these days. Some mothers are making deposits, or really, donations, to breast milk banks.

On today’s program, we talk about popular sayings, called proverbs. Many you will hear today come from a very famous person in American history -- Benjamin Franklin.

백문이 불여일견
I heard that Thomas is your new roommate. Yes he is. He’s an awesome roommate so far. He is very clean and organized.

자기의 입장을 고수하다
Jen: I know it’s hard but it’s worth it. So I’m digging in my heels, and I’m determined to help people in need.

입을 꼭 다물다
Oh my gosh! What happened to this glass vase? It’s broken! I know. I’ve been trying to find out who did it.

에어 기타
Anyone can try to play the guitar. But it takes a special talent to play an invisible guitar.

훌라 후프
The games that Americans play these days often involve ultra-realistic, high-tech video sports and combat simulations. We still dabble with archaic games like solitaire and chess...

The human eye is unable to see black holes in space. But telescopes with special tools can help find black holes by seeing how they affect nearby stars.

피부 관리
Skin. It is the largest organ of the body. Skin is the body's first barrier to infection. It keeps out many harmful bacteria and other things.

We try really hard to make this program special! But not everything can be special all the time. In fact, many things are just average or normal.

길길이 뛰다
What are you panicking about? I lost Daniel’s car keys again! Oh man! He is going to hit the ceiling when you tell him that.

LP 레코드
Seventy years ago this week something important happened in music history: the first LP, or long-playing vinyl record, was introduced.