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우주 청소기
It may be the world’s most costly vacuum cleaner. The price of CleanSpace One is eleven million dollars. But yet, it has a big job to do. Recently, researchers in Switzerland announced plans to build this new cleaning device.

베트남 쌀국수, 라면, 메밀 국수
If you live in India, chances are you are most interested in pho -- a Vietnamese soup with a light and flavorful liquid base, rice noodles, spices and meat, such as beef or chicken.

DNA에 컴퓨터 데이터를 저장
Several companies now say they are exploring a possible solution: they propose using genetic material, DNA, to store data.

가상현실을 이용한 수술 준비
She is at peace with the operation because she has been inside her own brain through virtual reality.

샤워 꼭지에도 균이
We all have heard about harmful bacteria hiding in the home. Studies have discovered evidence of harmful bacteria in toilets, on surfaces where food is prepared, even on home telephones.

이것 아니면 저것을 할 수 있다
Jen: So you guys just use the iPad for the register? Cupcake Cashier: Uh-huh, yup! It has all of our cupcakes here.

십대 청소년 시장
Like many American communities, Hillsdale, Michigan elected a new mayor last week. But Michael Sessions is getting a lot more attention than any of the nation's other new government officials.

부주의로 빠지다
Alice, did you drop off my dress at the dry cleaners? Oh right! Sorry, I was busy doing something else that dropping off your dress at the dry cleaners fell through the cracks.

발을 들여놓다
Jen: You know, a lot of people come into DC as someone who is fresh out of college or fresh out of grad (graduate) school even…to get their foot in the door right?

북극 눈에서 발견되는 플라스틱
Scientists say they have found high levels of small plastic particles in Arctic snow.

무료 서비스입니다
You won’t believe what just happened. Jen: What happened? Jason: The restaurant manager said that our dinner was on the house!

재택 사업
If you use an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo to find sites about, let's say, spoons, you'll be directed in seconds to 12 million Web sites about spoons.

온천 스파
In the so-called golden age of bathing, people of means flocked to bathhouse palaces for the pampering. Others went to bathhouses in remote mountain towns in the belief that their mineral-rich waters offered curative powers.

Jen: And I think a lot of people like to read books that they can relate to. Don’t you think?

얘기가 나왔으니 말인데
I got an email from John this morning. He wants us to come over for dinner tomorrow. Speaking of which, did you know he is moving to Florida?

기아 체험
Laura Kahn loves to cook. "I am making a zucchini potato frittata." But this week she is cooking for herself and her husband on about $4 each per day. That's the average government food aid benefit.

이제 알겠어
Do you get it now? Hopefully my third explanation helped you. Thanks for the explanation. I get the picture now.

음식에 대한 갈망
A food craving is a strong desire for a specific type of food. And they are normal. Most people have them even though what we crave might be different.

마음이 조마조마하네
Hey, I’m looking forward to listening in on your presentation this afternoon. I heard it’s a huge audience! I think around 300 people are attending.

바로 본론으로 들어가다
Angela: Stop with all the details, and cut to the chase. What university are you attending in the fall?