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America’s capital city is trying hard to control its illegal graffiti problem. At the same time, city officials recognize the value and importance of street art.
Most U.S. companies act swiftly and forcefully to root out discrimination based on race, sex, age, or appearance when they discover it. And there are good reasons to do so.
Road trips have been popular with Americans for almost as long as their love of cars. But when gasoline prices are high, people abandon the highway.
Scientists have found that brain growth in very intelligent children is different from that in other children. They say their study is the first to show a link between intelligence and brain development.
When you learn a foreign language, it can be very difficult to know the best word to use in a situation. This show can help you learn how and when to use American expressions.
One of the biggest challenges facing the Catholic Church today is the decline in the number of nuns. Not enough young women are joining the church to take the place of sisters who retire or pass away.
Oh no! Look at Seth. He is running so much slower than others. He is definitely not going to win the race.
Oh no! I can’t believe I left my cell phone at home! Now I won’t be able to make important calls and I will probably miss calls from the office.
May I look around the ship? 배를 둘러봐도 됩니까? Look around 둘러보다라는 뜻의 숙어입니다. May I look around the ship?
Jen, we decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Gloria. So please don’t mention it to her. It’s a secret until the day of her birthday.
What is the fastest yet safest way to send this package? 이 소포를 가장 빠르고 안전하게 보내는 방법이 뭔가요?
Hey, are you feeling any better? Yes, much better. Mike: That’s good to hear. Then let me take you out for some fresh air and grab some lunch outdoors. I just feel like you’ve been stuck and cooped up at home all week from the cold.
Are you planning to rent a car while on vacation? Yes, I am. But I’m a little concerned about driving in California. You know. I don’t know all the traffic rules there.
Scientists are finding that coffee does more than help you stay awake. Researchers in the American state of Pennsylvania say coffee has high levels of antioxidants.
Hey, do you remember Charles from high school? Oh yes, of course! He was the class clown in our 10th grade class.
Jen: Well, this time you are forgiven. Mike: Can I get a rain check for next time though?
Hey Jason, I tried to get in touch with you yesterday, but I couldn’t.
Every time I eat or drink something hot or cold, I feel a momentary twinge. I also feel a sharp pain when I bite down. 뜨겁거나 찬 것을 먹을 때마다 이가 시큰거려요. 무엇인가를 씹을 때 심한 통증이 있고요..
Pawn shops are businesses where people bring their possessions to sell or to get a short-term loan. The United States has about ten thousand of them. In the past few years, pawn shops have been doing business with more people than ever before.
Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among adults around the world. Researcher Sangwoo Tak from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell set out to look at how often it affects workers.