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Today we explore expressions using the word “wheel.” The first wheels, it is believed, were not used for transportation. They were created to serve as potter’s wheels around 3500 B.C. in Mesopotamia.
In the medical world, guts are the internal organs of an animal. It's a person's stomach or the part of the body that contains the stomach.
Pop-culture fads come and go. Experts say they have different shapes and sizes. Yet, they are quite similar in their life cycle. They catch on fast, then quickly fade away.
Today, we will talk about the word “line.” Line is a simple, four-letter word, but it has many meanings, making a simple word complex.
Can you help me move some stuff out of my office? Sorry, but my hands are full right now. Try asking Lisa for help.
I just ate a bag of potato chips, a couple of candy bars and two sodas. Are you kidding? That’s a lot of junk food. I thought you’re on a healthy diet!
Mya Le Thai is a scientist studying at the University of California, Irvine. She recently discovered a process that may result in batteries that last forever.
The highest degree that a student can earn is a doctorate. Some doctorates are professional degrees, as opposed to a degree based on research.
Today we talk about expressions involving Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is the biggest city in the western United States.
Traffic-safety experts are getting creative when it comes to foiling speeding drivers who zoom dangerously through city neighborhoods.
Well, I guess I was caught running a red light by a traffic camera in downtown D.C. DC 시내에서 빨간 신호등일 때 그냥 지나가다, 감시 카메라에 찍힌 것 같아.
FT: Number 34! Kimchi sub with a diet coke? Here you go. Next in line? Jen: Hi, it’s my first time here. What should I order?
Some machines can take something written in one language and give users the same or similar wording in another language.
Speaking of toes, let’s talk about them for a minute. Like the rest of our feet, they spend all day stuck inside socks and shoes.
On the last Monday in May, people in the United States celebrate Memorial Day. This federal holiday honors members of the American military who died in war.
Driverless vehicles could threaten the jobs of millions of Americans who drive trucks and taxis. Some experts believe driverless trucks will be deployed throughout the United States soon. Others believe it will not happen for years.
According to the latest survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 18 percent of U.S. homes - one in every six - have no traditional, land-line telephone at all. You know, the kind with a handset and a wire leading to a connection in the wall.
About 30 million Americans - one-fifth of the nation's workforce - spend significant time working outside the typical office, plant or factory. This includes people who telecommute from home one or more days a week.
Ancient peoples who lived near the ocean used the shells of sea creatures to make jewelry. Other ancient peoples used materials like small colored rocks and animal bones and teeth.
Jason! Congratulations on making the soccer team! Give me five! Thanks! I am so happy about it! We have our first game next weekend.