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바닷물 나트륨 전지
Scientists have long attempted to find materials to make batteries that are more powerful, but cost less to build.

온라인 학습
Lovell Walls is taking a math class in the basement of his family's home. His teacher is on her computer 40 kilometers away.

낮에 난 상처가 빨리 낫는다
A new study suggests that the timing of a wound affects the speed at which it heals. Wounds suffered during the day heal around 60 percent faster than those sustained at night.

~에 끌어들이다
Paul: It’s definitely universal and that’s what drew me into stand-up comedy.

재미있는 손씻기
One of the easiest ways to stop the spread of disease is to simply wash your hands. Twenty seconds of handwashing with soap and water can reduce illnesses and save lives.

식품 보관법
When you preserve food, you are taking action to stop it from breaking down, as it does naturally.

사랑과 휴대폰
An international study of more than 13,000 adults found that many people say modern technology has affected relations with their partner.

분쟁의 원인
Has there ever been one issue that has caused trouble between you and another person? You know, a troublesome issue in your relationship, one that does not seem to go away?

Jason, you need to stop screwing around and get back to work! I’ll get back to work after I finish watching this television show.

영화 제작팀
He wants to know more about the many jobs listed in small print in the credits at the end of movies. Some of these jobs have funny names -- like boom operator.

소식이 좋은가?
If you want to slow aging, you might want to eat less. Researchers in the United States say eating less can slow the aging process of cells in the body.


In some parts of the world, April is a time of thunderstorms and lots of rain. In the U.S. we even have a rhyme to describe it: April showers bring May flowers.

막다른 길
There were still big, central streets - often wide boulevards. But branching off were nodules called cul-de-sacs, or streets that dead-ended into little traffic circles.

돈에 쪼들리다
Chrysanthy: Thank you. Well, I am just trying to get her enough clothes for the first few months. Money is tight.

나중에 후회하는 것보다 조심하는 것이 낫다
Sara: I’m washing my hands. Better safe than sorry right? Jen: Oh yea, that’s true.

The Muppets were the creation of the American puppeteer Jim Henson. He used the term Muppet for his puppet act.

불쑥 말하다
When the weather outdoors gets warmer, flowers appear and birds become more active. Spring has sprung!

일주일에 한두 번
Jen: Hi Rebecca, I’m walking with you…I’m power walking with you. Do you power walk and jog around the National Mall often?

지레짐작하지 마!
I haven’t talked to Erica for about 3 weeks. So that means you’re not dating Erica anymore.

마음을 읽다
Oh I’m starving! I knew you would be hungry so I bought an extra hamburger for you. Here you go.