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머피의 법칙

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머피의 법칙은 "잘못될 수도 있는 것은 모두 잘못된다"는 뜻을 가지고 있다. 머피의 법칙의 유래에 대한 많은 설명이 있는데 그중 하나가 공군 장교 에드워드 머피와 관련이 있다는 설이다. 그는 엔지니어로서 1949년 우주 비행 연구 프로젝트에 참여하고 있었다.

머피 대위는 한 실험에서 사용 중이던 어떤 장비의 오류에 대해 말하면서 담당 책임자를 다음과 같이 비판하였다. "그것을 잘못되게 할 방법이 하나라도 있다면 그는 그것을 찾을 것이다." 다른 장교가 이 말을 듣고 그것을 머피의 법칙이라고 이름 붙였다는 것이다.

Murphy’s Law is an American expression whose meaning spread around the world. Murphy’s Law says: "Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong." Like many other popular sayings, it is difficult to find one explanation for it.

Those trying to explain Murphy’s Law agree that it began in the United States Air Force. The Air Force says the expression was named for officer Edward Murphy. He was an engineer working on a project in space flight research in nineteen forty-nine.

One story says Captain Murphy was commenting about the failure of some equipment he was using in an experiment. He reportedly criticized the worker responsible by saying: “If there is a way to do it wrong, he will find it." Another official heard this and called it Murphy’s Law.

Another story is found in a book called “A History of Murphy’s Law” by Nick Spark. It says members of the research team working with Captain Murphy created a similar phrase: “If it can happen, it will happen”. They called this Murphy’s Law. But Mister Spark later said there is no way to really know who invented the expression.

Still, many stories say the first use of the term Murphy’s Law was at a press conference several weeks later. John Paul Stapp was an Air Force captain at the time. He spoke to reporters about the tests completed by Captain Murphy and his team. Doctor Stapp said no one was injured during the tests because the Air Force considered "Murphy’s Law" before carrying out their experiments.

He said this meant that they considered everything that could go wrong before a test and planned how to prevent those mistakes from happening.

Today, you can find examples of Murphy's Law in everyday life. You might say that if you drop a slice of buttered bread on the floor, it will always land with the buttered side down. Or, the day you forget to bring your umbrella, it is sure to rain.