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February 14 is Valentine’s Day in the United States! For many people, it is a romantic day.

많은 일을 하느라 몹시 지치다
Today we talk about a candle. Sometimes we use candles to create a feeling of calm or some other sort of feeling. We call that an ambiance.

상냥한 태도
There are many ways to get people to do what you want. You can boss them around. “Do this!” “Do that!” You can also threaten them.

모든 희망을 걸다
Today we are going to talk about a very small, sharp and useful object: a pin.

칼스배드 플라워필드
The famous Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California is now open to the public.

할루미 치즈
The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is now the only country that can sell its famous halloumi cheese in the European Union.

반짝 성공
Today we will talk about how to describe something that shows promise of being great, but then turns out to be…not so great.

Rumors and gossip are stories or pieces of information that are passed from person to person but have not been proven to be true.

쿨하게 끝내다
In fact, if 2020 were a song, it probably would be filled with low, depressing notes.

어느 우크라이나 커플
A Ukrainian couple who grew tired of arguing are trying to repair their relationship by tying their hands together for three months.