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이 닦기와 심장
Cleaning your teeth often, every day, is linked to a lower risk for heart problems.

12개짜리 한 묶음
On today's show, we talk about the word dozen. By definition, a dozen can mean specifically 12 of anything.

일일이 떠먹여 주다
In most cases, you need a spoon to eat soup. Eating it with a knife and fork would not work as well.

이탈리아의 백송로버섯
In and around the town of Alba, the most prized truffle -- a white one -- can sell for two times the price of gold.

똑같은 소리만 늘어놓다
So, why is the expression “same old song and dance” not at all related to fun or happiness? That is the question we will answer today.

빠르게 성장하는 직업들
America’s extremely wealthy population is bigger than ever. And their money is supporting jobs for an increasing number of low-wage workers.

심리를 꿰뚫어 보다
Reading is a popular activity for people all over the world. There is nothing quite like getting lost in a really good book.

따질 일이 있다
There are many times in life when we have disagreements or problems with other people. Maybe someone does something or says something that upsets us.

미국에서 집을 크게 짓는 이유
Many Americans like the idea of big, open spaces. So it might not be surprising that houses built in the United States are among the largest worldwide.

폐기 타이어는 어디로?
They burn old tires from Western countries. The air is sometimes thick with smoke and the soil black with soot.