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건축 공예
The sounds of artists at work fill workshops at the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, South Carolina.

고양이와 사람
A new study has found that cats can connect with people in the same way as dogs and children.

붉은 고기
Many studies have tied red meat food to cancer and heart disease. But are the risks big enough to stop eating foods like lamb chops and hamburgers?

선생님을 위한 사과
Some word experts say that no other fruit is used in more English language expressions than the apple.

농장 용어
Today, we are down on the farm! Since the 16th century, the word "farm" has meant "land used for agricultural purposes."

곤경에 처해서
Today we talk about something we’ve all experienced -- getting into trouble.

운전 중 휴대폰 사용 탐지
Australia’s most populous state is setting up cameras as part of an effort to reduce the number of people preoccupied with wireless devices while they drive.

현장을 들키다
But today we will focus on only a handful. Here “handful” means a small amount.

Many animals live in and around bodies of water. Take ducks, for example. Ducks love the water.

남을 몰래 관찰하는 사람
Flies perform an important job in nature. They break down a lot of organic materials. Plus, farmers can use their larvae as very cheap food sources for animals.