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추울 때는 COLD를 생각하세요
Winter in many places means ice skating, sledding and snowball fights. But unless someone is prepared, outdoor fun can also mean frostbite and hypothermia. Today we talk about how to stay warm, dry and safe.

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Their first car will probably be a used car because they cost much less than new ones. The prices of used cars can be very different, depending on the kind of car, how old it is and how well it works.

Their first device could add, subtract, multiply and divide. It had twelve bytes of memory -- close to nothing compared to today's highly powerful calculators. And it weighed more than a kilogram.

Some farmers have guards to protect their sheep from coyotes. These guards are llamas. Llamas are South American animals usually raised in the United States for their fiber or for show or as pets.

데이 케어
Some parents leave their children with family members, neighbors or friends. Or, they may employ a nanny. This person is a trained care-giver who either lives in the family’s home or comes to work at the house every day.

Slang is a popular, less official and often very current form of language. It is an important part of a living language and is constantly changing as language changes.

회전 관람차
An amusement park ride invented more than one hundred years ago is becoming popular again. Cities all over the world are building new kinds of Ferris wheels.

Heelys are shoes that can roll. They are sports shoes with a wheel in the heel. The wheels can be easily removed from the shoes. So a person wearing them can either walk or ride!

They say the gene increases the chance of being left-handed. It appears to play an important part in deciding which part of the brain controls different activities.

허쉬 초콜릿
People around the world know and enjoy the chocolate candy from the Hershey Company. Company officials say they export Hershey's products to more than ninety countries.