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Cartoons can make us think, they can make us laugh, they can make us cry. Cartoons can make a difference in how we look at life.

영재의 두뇌
Scientists have found that brain growth in very intelligent children is different from that in other children. They say their study is the first to show a link between intelligence and brain development.

이어폰과 청력
Electronic devices are changing the way people listen to music. But studies show the devices may be causing hearing loss in many people. Some experts say people may be playing them too loud and for too long.

월드 베이스볼 클래식
Many of the best baseball players in the world are competing for their home countries this month in a new international baseball tournament. It is called The World Baseball Classic.

The Golden Gate Bridge has been called one of the world’s most beautiful bridges. It is also one of the most visited places in the world. Experts say about nine million people visit the bridge each year.

수도쿠 숫자 게임
Sudoku is designed to be played by one person. The rules of the game are simple, although completing it can be extremely difficult, especially higher-level Sudoku games.

미국영어와 영국영어가 다른 이유
Language experts say that spoken English was almost the same in the American colonies and Britain. Americans began to change the sound of their speech after the Revolutionary War.

고교에서 대학 학점 따기
Sixty percent of high schools in the United States now offer college-level work through Advanced Placement courses.

아동 도서상
Every year, the American Library Association honors artists and writers of books for children. One of these honors is the Newbery award.

수퍼 보울
Sunday, February fifth, is not a holiday in the United States, but it may seem like one to millions of Americans. They will be attending parties to watch the championship game...