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Pepsi Cola started in a drug store in New Bern, North Carolina in eighteen ninety-six. At the time, most drug stores included a long, high, narrow table where people could gather socially.

영어의 역사, 1부
More people are trying to learn English than any other language in the world. English is the language of political negotiations and international business.

겨울에 피는 꽃
In many colder northern countries, poinsettias are a sure sign that Christmas is near. Nearly all sales of this flowering plant come at wintertime.

Homecoming is a tradition at American colleges, universities and also high schools. Schools usually hold a weekend for this purpose each fall.

To dry fish, you will need either a drying table or a place to hang them. If a table is used, it should have a top made of wire screen or thin pieces of wood with a space between each piece.

세계를 변화시키는 힘
The World Future Society has published a special report about forces changing the world. It is called "Fifty-three Trends Now Shaping the Future."

젖소 방목
Raising cows for milk is not an easy way to farm. The costs and labor involved make it difficult for a small farm to be profitable.

Many companies want to sell stock so they can get money to expand their business. Stock is shares of ownership.

커피의 좋은 점
Scientists are finding that coffee does more than help you stay awake. Researchers in the American state of Pennsylvania say coffee has high levels of antioxidants.

호박도 과일이다
Many Americans celebrated Halloween on Monday by placing pumpkins outside their homes. A Halloween tradition is to cut a face into the big, round squash.