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미국내 제 2의 언어
Today, Spanish is the second most common language used in the United States, after English. Experts say the reason is because many Spanish-speaking people have moved to the United States to live.

바보들을 위한 책
“Dummy” is a slang word for a stupid person. The Dummies books are not really for stupid people. They are designed to show people how to do something they may never have tried before.

새 여권
The United States has begun providing new, electronic passports for its citizens. State Department officials say the new passports are designed to improve border security and travel.

인턴 사원
Internships are usually unpaid, and the work might not always be the most exciting. But they offer a chance to gain experience in business, public service or some other area of interest.

플립 플랍 샌달
Flip-flop shoes have become very popular in the United States, mostly among young people.

가장 긴 영단어
The Oxford English Dictionary Web site says the longest word listed in Oxford dictionaries is this one: “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.” This forty-five letter word is the name of a kind of lung disease.

휴대폰 벨소리
Cellular phones are extremely popular in the United States and around the world, especially among young people. Now, teenagers are using a cell phone ringtone that many adults cannot hear.

아기 이름짓기
American parents generally can choose any name they want for their children. They may choose a name because it honors a family member. Or they may choose a name just because they like it.

기차 여행
Most people like driving their own cars or flying in an airplane to get from one city to another. A study from the United States Department of Transportation found that train transportation is unpopular compared with cars and airplanes.

Skin. It is the largest organ of the body. The first barrier to the outside. It keeps out many harmful bacteria and other things. Of course, it also keeps in all the things we need inside our bodies.